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The Boys

Butch has been a member of the Blue Ridge Mountains Rotary Club since 1995, including service as president. He describes three community passions: the Rotary, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and the Boys & Girls Club. His first experience with the Boys Club was in 1978, where he coached wrestling and competed with other Boys Clubs and Catholic grade schools. He also coached Little League baseball while his boys competed, and the St. Catherine CYO wrestling team.

The Boys

Jason Kapp is a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has toured extensively throughout the US with multiple acts. Originally from Michigan, he attended the University of Virginia and graduated in 1994. Jason served on the board of the Music Resource Center in Charlottesville from 2016-2021 and was president for his last two years. He currently owns and operates a recording/post-production facility near North Garden, and lives in southern Albemarle with his wife Connie and two boys.

Our K-12 family is small by design, because nearly two centuries of all-boys education has taught us that a close community builds a foundation of confidence. Of compassion. Of curiosity. And of character. This is how we help our boys succeed in school, and in life. Confident in who they are, and ready to make their mark on the world.

The Boys and Men Project examines the challenges facing many boys and men, in the context of progress towards gender equality, and potential policies and norms to promote greater male flourishing and agency. Particular attention is paid to Black boys and men, those from low-income backgrounds, and those with lower levels of education.

While there are certain dates that stand out on our calendar, it takes a lot to care for our boys and keep the Ranch running day after day. Supplies, repairs, building and remodeling expenses, and even life's surprises can really take a bite out of our budget. Your support is always needed and appreciated, whether we're preparing for a big event or just trying to get through a given Monday. If you're considering a donation to the Boys Ranch, please take a moment to review some upcoming projects that your gift could help to fund. We couldn't do this without you!

Lighthouse Ranch for Boys serves young men 12 to 17 years of age who have been affected by abuse, neglect, and troubled home lives. Since its founding in 1979, over 1,000 boys have found a safe, stable, and nurturing environment at the Ranch where they can focus on their education and emotional healing.

The Boys Ranch operates a fully-accredited school on its campus where residents receive one-on-one instruction from a certified teacher. They can also participate in horsemanship and agriculture programs to learn valuable skills and foster a spirit of personal accomplishment. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Ranch relies on charitable contributions to help boys overcome difficult backgrounds and build a foundation for their future success.

Every October, we invite sponsors and community members to visit the Boys Ranch and share a day of family-friendly fun, music, and food with us. Not only does Ranch Day serve as our biggest fundraiser for the following year, but it's an event we all look forward to and enjoy. We welcome you to come meet our boys, learn more about the Ranch, and join in the celebration at the next Ranch Day.

For over 40 years, the Boys Ranch has relied on the support of generous community donors to fund our work with troubled young men. Every gift, no matter how large or small, has helped to transform hundreds of lives. Please help us continue to provide the same loving guidance to all the boys with us now and all the ones who are still waiting for their chance at a brighter future. 041b061a72


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