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HD Online Player (Ls Magazine Issue 08 Happy Birthday )

everyone's favorite card game has some beautiful updates coming in the new year. us players will be able to enjoy the asian-style card game on steam with support for english, japanese, and simplified chinese options. the game has been updated to work on the oculus rift virtual reality headset as well, so players can escape to a different world and see the game with their own eyes. the game will also get new characters for free and additional sets coming for both the trading card game online (tcgo) and the cardfight!! vanguard (cfv) play! expansions.

HD Online Player (Ls Magazine Issue 08 Happy Birthday )

i'm looking forward to seeing the w3c that will be rebuilt after a day off! with most people in the us on the holiday, i have a whole weekend to see more friends and dig into html5. happy birthday, w3c!

olivia woke her parents to say good morning on their 31st birthday and then went back to sleep. she was nearly convinced, as she knew her mom and dad had a big day ahead of them, yet she was tired and settled in her bed. her mother wanted to make sure olivia remembered the day, and after waking up with her on the morning of her 31st birthday, they made their special breakfast. olivia woke up and opened her eyes as she looked around at the new day - a 31st birthday. she was now an adult. overnight, she had graduated to adulthood. it was the most important day of her life - and she felt better than ever, knowing she did the right thing. she'd been having horrible and inexplicable dreams about her parents and the night before, but they had no bearing on the future. she opened her eyes and smiled a happy, relieved smile.


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