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Where Can I Buy Despicable Me 2

Despite holding Eduardo as his prime suspect, Gru agrees to pursue other leads, including the shop of wig merchant Floyd Eaglesan, where Lucy discovers traces of PX-41. After witnessing Eduardo's son Antonio woo Margo and invite everyone to his Cinco de Mayo party, Gru renews his focus on Eduardo. Following a bad blind date in which Lucy helps Gru to escape, the two begin to bond. The next day, the AVL arrests Floyd after finding an almost-empty jar of the mutagen in his shop. Silas closes the investigation and reassigns Lucy to Australia, leaving Gru heartbroken.

where can i buy despicable me 2

Lucy, having decided to disobey orders and return home to Gru, arrives at the party right after Gru leaves. Realizing that Lucy and Gru are working for the AVL, El Macho kidnaps her. Dr. Nefario witnesses this and informs Gru of the situation. Gru infiltrates El Macho's fortress with two of his own disguised Minions, but the evil Minions see through the disguise and attack them. Meanwhile, Kevin breaks into Gru's house and attacks Margo and Agnes. They lure him to Gru's lab, where Dr. Nefario arrives with an antidote and turns Kevin normal again. Dr. Nefario puts the antidote in Gru's jelly reserves, and he and the girls hurry to Gru's aid. Gru, Dr. Nefario, the girls, and the surviving Minions use jelly guns to restore all the other evil Minions to their normal state. El Macho threatens to kill Lucy, and uses the PX-41 to become a monster himself, but is defeated by Gru and Dr. Nefario.

In DESPICABLE ME 2, retired supervillain Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) lives happily with his three girls -- Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), Edith (Dana Gaier), and Agnes (Elsie Kate Fisher) -- their trusty minions, and Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand), who's developing a line of jams and jellies for the family to sell. Then one day, a mysterious woman named Lucy (Kristen Wiig) kidnaps Gru and takes him to the underwater headquarters of the Anti-Villain League, where director Silas Ramsbottom (Steve Coogan) explains that a dangerous bioweapon that can turn living creatures into purple killing machines has been stolen by a supervillain whom they believe is hiding at the Paradise Mall. The AVL wants Gru to infiltrate the mall and find out which shop owner has plans for world domination. Gru reluctantly agrees and poses as a cupcake baker, with Lucy his partner. Gru suspects the mall's Mexican restaurant owner, Eduardo (Benjamin Bratt), but becomes irrational when Margo falls for Eduardo's smooth-talking son, Antonio (Moises Arias). Meanwhile, Agnes desperately wants Gru to fall in love with Lucy so she'll have a mother, and the minions keep disappearing. Gru must once again the save the day, with the girls at his side.

"Despicable Me 2" is as serviceable as it is unnecessary. Therein lies the rub for me. Here I sit on the fence between 2-1/2 and 3 stars, unsure of where I will fall. On the "thumbs down" side, there's dissatisfaction with a returning hero who is far blander than his original incarnation; he's been neutered by the one thing that made "Despicable Me"'s ending so satisfying. On the "thumbs-up" side is a series of clever touches made with love and attention by cast and crew. These moments are so good I almost feel despicable for being undecided. So this review is a battle between Evil Film Critic Odie and Emotional Moviegoer Odie. You have a luxury I currently do not: You can look at the star rating above and see who won.

Before his Meet Cute with Lucy, Gru was living a boring, domesticated life. Now retired, the only despicable act he is perpetrating on society is a series of horrific tasting jams and jellies. It drives his colleague Dr. Nefario (Russell Brand) to resign and take a position with a new villain. Gru's new project will help his undercover operation as a vendor at the local mall. Lucy believes the mastermind AVI seeks is one of the other store owners at the mall. Suspects include a hairdresser, whose appearance conjures up images of "Shampoo" recast with Paul Williams, and an extremely masculine Mexican restaurant owner whom Gru thinks bears strong resemblance to a bad guy named "El Macho." Since El Macho es muerte (his death scene will put hair on your chest), Gru is immediately suspicious.

This is where you came in. While I remain disappointed that the sequel gives me a subdued Gru and an uneven pace, I keep remembering things about "Despicable Me 2" that make me smile. For every meh moment, there's almost 2 well-conceived gags or lines. The voice talent remains top-notch, with Wiig, Bratt, Steve Coogan and the returning Russell Brand as stand-outs. The 3-D, as far as I can tell, is quite good, especially during the closing credits. (Full disclosure: like some of Gru's minions, I've only got one working eye, which turns 3-D into 2.25-D.) Some of the minor plot points pay off big time. I'm as enamored of the Pharrell Williams songs in this one as I was in the first film (and they're well used). And directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, and screenwriters Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul milk a few sweet moments of genuine emotional heft from the relationship between Gru and his kids.

To that end, Lucy Wilde, an AVL agent, forcibly abducts ex-villain Gru, and takes him to the AVL's underwater headquarters, where its director, Silas Ramsbottom, asks Gru to assist its agents in their efforts to track down the perpetrator and the missing mutagen. Gru refuses, preferring to concentrate on his new venture of producing bottled jellies and the responsibilities of being a father to his three adopted girls. Before he leaves, Lucy admits she was impressed by his work as a villain and gives her namecard to Gru, urging him to contact her if he changes his mind. Upon returning to his lab, Gru discovers that his Minion-run production line churned out an awful-tasting jelly. Additionally, his research scientist, Dr. Nefario, confesses to Gru that he misses being "evil" and has been offered employment elsewhere. After giving Dr. Nefario a 21 fart-gun salute send-off with the minions, Gru contacts Lucy and takes on the task of recovering the stolen mutagen.

The PX-41's distinct chemical signature narrows the search to the confines of The Paradise shopping mall. Gru works undercover as the owner of a cupcake shop in that mall with Lucy being assigned as his partner. He suspects one of the owners of a restaurant, named Eduardo Perez, in the mall to be an old super-villain called El Macho. El Macho supposedly met his fiery demise after body-strapping TNT and riding a shark into an active volcano. Lucy and Gru then decide to break into his restaurant and narrowly escape from being caught, but find nothing to attach Eduardo to the crime. While the team is having more progress investigating wig merchant Floyd Eagle-san, Margo begins to develop a crush on Eduardo's son, Antonio, to Gru's frustration. The whole family is invited to Eduardo's Cinco de Mayo party at his mansion where Gru's over-protectiveness of his daughter leads him to make baseless wild accusations to the AVL about Eduardo as El Macho and his son, which are scoffed at.

Lucy, while in the plane bound for Australia, realizes that she wants to be with Gru, and jumps out to hang-glide to the party. Eduardo discovers who she is, after his chicken retrieves her AVL ID badge from her purse, and captures her. Dr. Nefario calls Gru to tell him that Lucy has been captured. Gru disguises two of his minions in purple paint, which escort his "captured" self into the Eduardo's compound in a rescue attempt. Gru manages to restore the minions who are under El Macho's control using the PX-41 Antidote mixed with the awful-tasting jam which Dr. Nefario made and defeats El Macho after he drinks the PX-41 that made the minions evil. After El Macho collapses to the ground, Gru tries to untie Lucy who is strapped onto a TNT-equipped shark rocket. While attempting to do so, Eduardo's pet chicken triggers the launch remote, Gru says "I really hate that chicken.",and sends the pair flying towards the lava-spewing volcano where El Macho faked his death. While on the rocket, Lucy accepts Gru's date invitation before the pair dives into the safety of the ocean, just seconds before the rocket explodes. One hundred and forty-seven dates later, the two are married and the girls finally have a mother. The minions close with a rendition of "Y.M.C.A" and "I Swear" (mistakenly sung as "Underwear") while the family dances.

Silly and ridiculous thumping, bonking and zapping rules the roost as Gru stumbles into his role of secret agent, as his goofy minions bumble along behind him. Young children may be upset when those minions start disappearing one by one, taken away to who knows where. And while Gru is generally a reformed baddy, heartbreak returns him briefly to his cruel ways.

MTV News spoke with Williams on the red carpet at the "Despicable Me 2" premiere, where he called music his "life blessing" and expressed gratitude to producer Chris Meledandri for the opportunity to score another adventure featuring aspiring super villain Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) and his loyal minions. Pharrell teamed up with composer Heitor Pereira to produce the soundtrack and contributed three original tracks.

"I'm the luckiest dude there is," he said. "They never needed to afford me the opportunity. Not once, but twice. What's better than that? And you know I just feel like the universe is in a place where our species are just supposed to be happy and smiling again."

In its NBC Universal business, its biggest cash flow growth was seen at its filmed entertainment unit, where it generated operating cash flow of $189 million compared to $72 million a year ago thanks to the hit kids movie "Despicable Me 2." Total operating cash flow at NBC Universal rose 9.6 percent to $1.25 billion. 041b061a72


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