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My Facebook Email Login

Over the years, readers may have seen scam email messages sitting in their spam folders that claimed to be from social media companies. One such scam message that looked to be from Facebook (but wasn't) had a subject line that claimed: "Someone tried to log in to your account." The subject line often ended with an 8-digit ID number.

my facebook email login


Most of the messages will have a greeting followed by the words: "A user just logged into your Facebook account from a new device iPhone 11 Pro. We are sending you this email to verify it's really you." We also saw a variation of the message that mentioned a different device: "iPhone 12 Pro Max."

While the message might appear like a legitimate email from Facebook, there's one way to know for sure. Readers can look at the "From" part of the email in order to determine if it came from a legitimate Facebook email address. In this case below, it came from a strange email address ending in "" We saw another of the scam emails with "" Neither of these is an official Facebook email address, meaning that it's a scam.

So what are some of the official Facebook email addresses?,, and are three trustworthy email accounts that are owned by Facebook. If readers receive an email that is legitimately from one of these email addresses, then it is not a scam.

At the same time, if an email is received that displays one of the official email addresses, it's advised to click or tap any arrows or dropdowns next to the email address at the top of the message. Once that area is expanded, it'll show if the displayed email address matches the real one, like this:

When you create a Facebook account, you are required to link it to an email address. This email address becomes your user ID for the purpose of logging in to the site, and is where you receive all official account-related correspondence. If you forget what email address you used to register your account, you can log in using an alternate ID and retrieve your email address from your account settings.

If you can't remember your username or mobile phone number, click "Forgot Your Password?" on the Facebook home page. Enter your name as it appears on Facebook, along with the name of one of your Facebook friends, in the two fields at the bottom of the page. If the site can locate your account, it will display a version of your email address with asterisks substituting for most of the letters; this may help you figure out what email address you used for registration. If you can't remember what email address it is, click "No longer have access to these?" and enter a new email address to receive assistance with recovering your account.

4. Under your General account settings, you'll see a section for contact information, in which your primary email address is listed. Click on Edit next to your email address to expand the section.

7. You'll be asked to re-enter your current Facebook password to confirm the changes. Once you've completed this security step, Facebook will send you a verification email containing a link that you must click on to prove that it is a valid email address that you own.

7. On the next screen, Facebook will require you to enter your new email address and your password. Once you're done, tap on Add Email Address, and you'll be sent a confirmation email.

With SignalHire, recruiters can handle training through documentation and live online and in-person sessions. They can also find email addresses and phone numbers individually or in bulk. With its Chrome extension, recruiters can also gain more information about a prospect while looking up their Facebook page and other social media, getting their email addresses, phone numbers, and other social networks as they browse.

Enter an email address or phone number you previously added to your Facebook account. When you search for a phone number, try it with or without your country code, e.g., 1, +1, or 001 for the US; all three versions should work. Even if it doesn't say so, you can also use your Facebook username.

Once you successfully managed to identify your account, you will see a summary of your profile. Before you proceed, carefully check if this really is your account and if you still have access to the email address or phone number listed. You may be able to choose between email or phone recovery.

Often, it's not possible to recover a Facebook account using the options above. Maybe you lost access to the email address and phone number you once added to your profile. Or maybe a hacker changed this information.

To start this process, click the link No longer have access to these? in the bottom-left of the reset password page (see above) to start the Facebook account recovery process. Facebook will ask you for a new email address or phone number, so that it can get in touch with you to help you recover your account. Click Continue to proceed.

Upload a JPEG (photo) of your ID, enter an email address or mobile phone number that is (or was) associated with the Facebook account you wish to recover, then click Send to submit the information.

If you no longer have access to any of the email addresses or phone numbers associated with your account, enter one you have access to now. Then, email to explain your situation.

You can also report hacking attempts carried out against your email. As a general rule, do not engage with random callers who claim they are from Yahoo or from other providers, as these are scam phone calls.

The next screens offer you a set of options to access your account, depending on how you created it. Choosing the email or phone number options will send you a password reset link either on your phone or email.

Well its a good advice for protecting the account you have but in face what if you cannot search your phone number, cannot figure what email they change. Its hard for me to retrieve my facebook account if i dont have a clue what will i do.

Hi,i am a regular user of facebook and suudenly my account was locked and i am trying to confirm my identity to unlocked it but i cant find any option to confirm my identityKindly check my request and respond to my concern as soon as possibleThankyou.

I followed your steps on how to get into my facebook account. Someone has changed my recovery email and the phone number I have no longer works. But after I hit recover account. It just takes me to questions where. I have to enter the info. That has been changed. So if someone could help please

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There may be times when you go to sign in to Facebook but can't seem to remember the email address or password you used when creating your account. Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to recover your account information.

For all those who has the same issue, if you no longer want to log-in using facebook for your airbnb account, all you have to do is set a password. Go to Just enter the email address on the airbnb account. A reset password link will be sent to that email and just follow through with the process.

I logged in using Facebook. I booked a trip. The email for that account is an old one that I don't use but the confirmations are going to the old email. I could not change the email on that account so I opened a new AirBnb account using my current email. How can I move the reservation to my new account so I can close the old account?

1) The AirBnb help forum says that to remove this log in system, you need to log out and then go through the "forgot password" chain and then the issue would be resolved. However, sitting here on my work computer I don't even see that option. The only option I am given is to sign in through facebook. No forgot password link.

1B) The above worked fine for my phone and for my mobile app. So I go to the desktop, the whole reason I'm even doing this, and IT STILL WANTS ME TO LOG IN TO FB. I was about to pull my hair out. So I click the option "Sign into another account" ....that is where you are able to just straight up put in your email and your new password. Its basically hidden!

so, tldr;: if you have done the forgot password chain and now have an actual password to use, but still aren't seeing an option to *use* it - check to see if there is a "sign into another account" option and put the email and password in there.

Your post is a bit confusing. I have the same problem. I want to be able to login with an email/password because logging in with FB is not possible using my work computer. Is it possible to login to the same Airbnb account using either FB, Google or email/password? If not how do I switch from using FB to email/password without signing up for a new account.

Thanks. This worked. After I disconnected my account from Facebook, I was able to go into my profile and change my email to the one I use. They sent a verification to the new email, I clicked on the link and my new email was verified!!! This took quite awhile to figure it all out, but at last I don't have to worry about missing an email telling me I was accepted and they booked a place for me!!!!

I'm not a host, so I got out of this community page and into There I was able to sign in and click on my picture in the upper right corner. The dropdown had edit profile, clicked that, on left side was 'Trust and Verification'. Clicked that and Facebook was a choice. In box, it said Disconnect, clicked that and it enabled me to go back and edit profile, where I could change email.


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