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Tokyo Xtreme Racer

At night, the player can challenge rivals in the parking lot, and race them in a vein similar to Shutokou Battle/Tokyo Xtreme Racer: the first one to have their life bar depleted loses; however, the first racer to cross the finish line will win the race. Through the night, the player will face the "Tricksters", a type of mini-bosses in the course. After all the Tricksters have been beaten, the main boss of the course (called the "Slasher") will challenge the player through an in-game BBS system. After the Slasher has been beaten, the player may advance to the next stage. The final boss in the last course is called the "Emotional King."

Tokyo Xtreme Racer


The objective is to race every gang member on the Wangan Tokio Highway and become to top highway racer. To do this, the player starts with a Low-performance entry car and he has to challenge gang members while on a free run session on the highway. The player doesn't have an option to challenge rivals on the menu, instead, he has to be on the Highway and find a rival for itself. When a rival takes his challenge, 2 lifebars appear in the upper part of the screen, these lifebars decrease when a player is in the back (Second). If the lifebar is out, that player loses. No matter if the player won or lose, it wins money to buy parts and upgrade the car, also when winning, the gang member is recorded in a "encyclopedia" where every gang member is listed with personal info. 041b061a72


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