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Elevator Bot 48: The Ultimate Guide to Cod4 Elevators

The plan seems foolproof. Rowe's men will secure the perimeter around the VNC tower and set up a camp; afterward, Juan's men will bring the UV lamps. Then, Aiden will turn the elevators and ride to the very top of the building. Once in the roof is just a matter of attaching the transmitter to the antenna.

Cod4 Elevator Bot 48

Once inside the tower, follow the yellow marker to get to Rowe's location and talk to him. Rowe will tell Aiden that while the power is back, the elevators seem to be stuck, but he already sent some of his guys to investigate what's happening.

He will tell Aiden how to turn the power back on to get the elevators moving. Leon will also ask if you can give a letter to his wife. She's on the Peacekeepers' HQ. You can answer If you agree to give the letter to Leon's wife, a new side-quest called "Last Will" will be available.

After connecting the generators, the elevators will be working again. Use the one in the room you're in to get to the 8th floor, where Rowe has set up a camp. Exit the elevator and turn to the left to talk with Rowe. Rowe will give Aiden a Proximity Tool; with it, you can see from the map essential goods (like inhibitors) the GRE tagged with RF markers.

Everything seems fine, but a bomber (a special type of infected that explodes) comes out of nowhere and explodes near the Peacekeeper. Suddenly another exploding infected will surround the group, and Rowe will push Aiden back to the elevator, saving him.

Enter the room to the left, go inside the elevator to the right, climb to the elevator shaft, and then reach the floor above. Now use the stairs in front of you to go all the way up until you reach a room that has a UV lamp.


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