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Basic Concepts Of Analytical Chemistry By S M Khopkar

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basic concepts of analytical chemistry by s m khopkar

contents1. introduction2. organic chemistry3. metal analysis4. mineralogy and petrology5. hydrology6. aromatherapy7. biochemistry8. horticulture9. nutrition10. pharmaceutical chemistry11. agriculture12. food microbiology13. analytical chemistry14. food quality15. food adulteration16. sensory analysis17. food additives18. multidisciplinary approach19. case study20. references

s m khopkar, professor emeritus, department of chemistry at the indian institute of technology, mumbai, has made a significant contribution in the field of analytical chemistry during his 25 years stint in teaching graduate & postgraduate students. he has published more than 350 research papers in journals of international repute, guided 30 ph.ds, and has to his credit three books in the area of solvent extraction and four books in analytical chemistry and environmental science. he was a member of iupac commission on microchemistry and trace analysis. he was a visiting fellow in environment for unesco and a visiting professor at several universities worldwide.


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