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During the day, Dave instructs Mindy on what clothes to buy and what television shows and movies to watch, and Mindy realizes that blending in with other teenagers is just another "undercover operation", resolving to learn how to be a Mean Girl or a Queen Bee. At home, Mindy overhears her mother and Marcus discussing attempts by the mob to infiltrate the police department, but Marcus denies that anything at work has changed; privately, he admits that he knows about Mindy's superhero alter-ego, and orders her to retire for her mother's sake. Mindy promises, but Marcus and her mother promptly pass out, having been drugged with a dose of Rophynol that Mindy slipped into their cocoa. In an alley, Kick-Ass meets up with Hit-Girl, and the two set out in her car toward a restaurant where they interrupt a meeting of Russian and Italian mobsters. Kick-Ass crashes through the window and pummels several gangsters, breaking his hand before Hit-Girl opens fire from beneath a table with an M16 rifle, killing a dozen mobsters. The two then flee the restaurant, heading to the hospital.

Joker Full Movie Hd Download Kickass Movies

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