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[S2E18] Emergency Contact

The most absurd thing of all was, did I hear it correctly? Was Julian hiding with her parents the entire time? Big bad Gordon with contacts all over the globe didn't think to check her parent's house?

[S2E18] Emergency Contact

Of the three corpses from the barn, two are identified by their IDs, which were on them, and determined to be hikers who were in the area earlier that day. The third is identified via fingerprints as Leonard Railton, a Native American who lived on the nearby Shoshone reservation. Railton was a recent parolee, having a criminal history of minor offenses. Jane and Lisbon meet with Dolores Brinton, who is Railton's parole officer, sole emergency contact, and also a Shoshone member. Then they decide to look for leads on the reservation, and Brinton says that if they go alone they won't get any information from anyone, so Brinton accompanies them as a sort of liaison between the CBI team and the tribe.

A few months ago, he was contacted by someone offering large amounts of money to dump waste on the reservation. The man had asked Leonard to help, promising him money, which kept him silent until his girlfriend's baby got sick, after which he wanted to blow the whistle on the operation. So, he contacted a journalist and took her out to see the lake, but the man used a high-powered rifle to shoot Leonard and the journalist. Then two hikers happened on the scene when he was removing the identification from the two bodies, and he shot them both at close range. Still, he says that afterward, he felt sorry about everything, for what it's worth.

With the man in custody, he reveals what he did with the IDs, and they're able to get the Jane Doe's driver's license. She used to be a social worker and worked with Leonard years ago, but more recently was an Internet journalist -- specifically, the journalist who was with Leonard the day he was shot at the lake. So, she actually was there and her remembering the lake wasn't entirely Jane's suggestion. Her mother is contacted to take her home.

Addison goes to talk to Pamela, the woman with the spontaneous orgasms. Pamela says it happens 7 to 8 times a day. Izzie is surprised. George thinks it's not something you wanna cure. Pamela went to her doctor, who sent her to a shrink. Pamela's father then arrives. He's her emergency contact person. She tells her father she's had one of her episodes. She covers her face with a pillow as it happens again. Addison promises the father they're going to find out what's causing the episodes.

Global Airlines Flight 33 is en route from London to New York City. About 50 minutes from Idlewild Airport, Captain Farver and his crew notice that the ground speed of their Boeing 707 is rapidly increasing beyond all reason. Their true airspeed remains constant, so there is no risk of the plane breaking up. They can no longer contact anyone by radio.

The plane travels through a flash of light and severe turbulence; the captain wonders if they have gone through the sound barrier. There is no apparent damage to the aircraft. Still unable to contact anyone on the ground, and at the risk of potential collision with other aircraft, Farver finally decides to descend below the clouds. The crew is able to identify the coastline of Manhattan Island and other geographic landmarks, but there is no city. The crew realizes that they have traveled far back in time when they see grazing dinosaurs.

Their only hope of returning to the present day is to increase altitude and speed in an attempt to catch the same 'jet stream'. After another flash of light and violent shaking, New York City is once again visible, and although they still cannot contact Idlewild, they are able to reach LaGuardia Airport. However, the air traffic controller on the radio does not understand their technological references. The controller eventually clears the aircraft to land at LaGuardia, but orders the captain to report to the CAA office afterward; the captain remarks that they haven't called the Federal Aviation Administration by that name in years. The copilot spots the buildings and structures from the New York World's Fair of 1939 below.

Late in the evening, the Mighty Nein leave the Pentamarket for the Pillow Trove in the Tri-Spire. On the way, Caleb pulls Beau back and asks her privately if she can get him into the Cobalt Soul library the next morning. She replies that she'll take him into the library if he'll tell her why he's afraid of fire. At the Pillow Trove, Jester asks for and receives a package her mother sent her, containing a sweet letter, a vial of her mother's lavender perfume, five small vials of colored inks, and 200 gp. Jester is startled and panicky that the amount is so much less than she was expecting since her mother gave her 5000 gp when she left home, but accepts Nott's reassurance that it's probably simply due to worries over the security of the postal system. She offers to split the money, which the group refuses, then decides to keep it as a group emergency fund.

Andrea and I'm Claudia and where did your deep crime girls hello happy anniversary thank you my wife I came into our studio today and was pleasantly surprised Andrea is always so thoughtful and sweet or sipping a Long Island iced tea and I have a confession to make that's my first one I can't believe this is your first one well I'm not a fan I'm sorry it's liquor I'm German I drink beer I love beer I can do some cocktails if I can taste the alcohol we needed a celebratory moment and I am afraid of let you down no no no you don't let me down but you're a liquor person I'm not you know Andrews always on top of everything and I'm flighty that's why we drive so well it really does warm my whole chest it's on fire strong I said earlier if I had a six pack and me already I'll be like love it there's not a lot of people on the planet that you can just walk up to you and be like look for a whore I walked in here today and I saw the balloons up with you in a minute I walked in here oh my God you whore oh everything is so pretty just gorgeous thank you so much for supporting the podcast and just being in our corner for the past year it's thank you an awesome journey like a fun thing that Claudia and I both have this wicked morbid interest in that a lot of people cannot relate to and also very dark sense of humor you know which a lot of people don't get a look at us and we crack up and oh like that was weird and we're just all laughing in here we think you're funny Ira could not decide what case to cover today but I ended up with the Abbotsford a taunting and you will love this one it was based in the 90s when cell phones were huge monstrosities that no one used for any sort of fun right you were frustrated with your cell phone case today 95 we had those flip phones with weird antennas on the top of me and I could text on those things hitter number 13 times for Fien mean I could do all that in my sleep but there was no game it was texting and calling I was it in Abbotsford Canada which is just slightly above Washington state can close to Vancouver to teen girls were running amok on October 4, 1985 and they were quite the pair the two of them Tanya Smith was 16 with her friend Bestie Khakurel he was 15 they had just ghosted her house party they decided they weren't quite ready for the night to end and they began walking a short distance to another friends house who was having another party so top songs at the time were gangsters paradise by Coolio and boom tastic by shaggy so just picture these two jamming to that and you know probably walk-ins were big thank you but we've got y'all on GPS now well they were walking past Abbotsford hospital and it was around tonight and they heard something in the bushes right by them all all the while this prepare been listening to the conversation and watching them he waited to catch them off guard and then jumped out in front of them wanting an aluminum baseball bat at them just kick him straight up in the nuts you wait girl he says you bitches wanna party they want to go to a party will Tonya and Misty were intimidated sure no they weren't gonna be able to go to this one so easily creepy forces them into the bushes and order them to takeoff their clothes will Misty was frozen and didn't respond Bethânia did as she was told he then order than to lay on the ground in that moment Tanya she looked at misty with his big green eyes and she was terrified I could run away to get help now is my chance but she was afraid to leave her friend the man he got on his knees kind of behind Tonya and he began weeping she standing there watching and she decided her best option was to be a bad ass because she saw that baseball bat on the ground all he put it down wanted to swing is afraid she would mess and hit her friend because she was shaking added back in the plan was to hit him in the head once he was away from her friend right she pissed him off as what she did he cried himself away from Tonya turn toward her and she tried to hit him in the head he was still on his knees but he caught the bag and he stood up and there was a struggle Missy remembers screaming at Tonya to run run away as fast as you can eventually anymore and he over powered her she remembers to screaming pleading for her life and saying she was sorry he screamed at her that she was a bitch and she would pay for what she did end up beating that followed was vicious I mean it was so bad he rain blows down unless you until she was unconscious the doctors later said that Misty received several home run swing from the baseball bat and she was left for dead but Misty was not dead so she woke up laying face down in a parking lot and leading in confuse she sets up she looks around and she started talking not even realizing that and she wanted to go home and lay down and just kind of put this night behind her but she was so lost instead she stumbled into that other Seville hospital emergency room is that where she woke up in the parking lot she woke up in a parking lot and I know when she was in the bushes she could see her school from where she went OK so the article that I read I also watched her I survived episode which is oh my God I can't even so she wakes up on the other side of a parking lot know if it was in the school parking lot she wouldn't have probably been per se assuming it was a hospital parking lot but she walks into the ER and she remembers the nurse helping her eyes were when she saw her she was able to tell the nurses and doctors what happened still be hanging around they arrest someone to still search the area they found nothing Misty's injuries were severe her arm and finger were broken and she had severe skull fractures she remembers talking to nurse turning her head and healing liquid come out of her ear and it was blood and spinal fluid gushing out because she had a hole in her skull the size of a baseball it was pressing against her brain found later and this is really sad floating down the Vetter river after he had knocked Misty unconscious he continued to rape Tonya beat her relentlessly without that and tossed her in the water corner said that although she probably would not have survived a beating her cause of death was actually the drowning so she was still alive when he dumped kind of like your story last week and last week so shortly after the attack of the killer engaged in a course of very bizarre behavior he taunted police by calling 911 and the first of which one I like this he said I am the killer her right nipple tasted so good well the killer had bitten tongue out on the right breast and left bite marks and that wasn't known to the public so they knew this was a man making well and another call to police he said you guys did a real thorough job do you think I would be stupid enough to leave a fingerprint behind know but you better you dumb ass rain any calls started happening in a pretty quickly after the murder in about 20 minutes later are you having trouble finding the killer 20 minutes later hello honey did you want to provide information no I'm the one you were there and he says I'm giving you a chance to try and find me I'll be cruising around looking for someone else to say what's your name just to let you know who I am tiniest nipple tasted really good and what is your name but there was no when you're on police arrived 95 that was the year Toy story came out that long ago but it was to pay phones for 2030 years ago that's all my Childers she was born in 95 a week later funeral her friends and family gathered around her but little did they know Tonya's attacker had attended the funeral as well he even took his to preschool children with sickle but they do that a lot killer or whatever they Chyna insert themselves either into an investigation or whatever they do with Terry he did not know his victims wage it's like 85% of that are typically someone you know he also didn't fit the typical age range on Halloween he made another taunting called police even worse than last describing what he did to Tonya and Singin detail what he would do to his neck Spectre did the payphone from they found no one will later they were discovered that the killer have been watching them just waiting to be called he has an inside like he knows he's a step ahead yes so this point police released some of the audio of the phone calls to the media hoping that someone would recognize the voice another no one came forward Misty was able to identify the voice that attacked her and killed Tonya about four months later at the killer goes to the cemetery where is Kanye West married used as a crowbar to steal her head stone even called the local radio station and told them to come look in their parking oh my god so they walkI was just getting ready to say that because how brave of her to try to defend her friends and that way yeah but also how terrifying for her for the last seven months maybe I don't know if she knew that he was taunting the police or not or I'm guessing she did next the whole community was realizing his here's the deal I mean he wrote us at the radio station he knew he won he craved it and that was a big deal to him also things didn't pan out the way he had hoped so he kept kind of fantasizing something out of the headstone this one had a picture an actual picture of Tonya on it and so again to prove that it was him he circled the breast he had been enrolled yummy ticket with an arrow today to that area of her body and the torment her family terrible so two days later he was back at taunting the police again he called and asked if they liked his presence he gave them and reminded him that Tonya would not be his last victim and taking these calls all right motherfucker where are you you can take me let's tango mean sometimes Claudia gets tired of answering the phone the time and I would probably be like hello papa John's OK FaceTime though the winner police went to the payphone from someone had actually seen him and you were able to give a description or nice good thinking we love you the killer was 6 foot had a slim build and he was in his mid-30s they said they also remembered the make and model of his car so they felt like they had to break a few days later a woman called the police so this was the strangest thing couple of days later she sitting in her home someone throws a wrench through her front window with a message taped to it and there was an on the front it says from the killer call 911 that's kind of funny because he also read it on the back from the Abbey killer call 911 in case if it landed like one way or the other way better I better do that here in a way yes you might not think anything of it I better label both sides make with a killer he was getting sloppy police found a finger print on the sticky side of the tape OK but it was so obvious it almost seems like it was put there on purpose and I believe that it was on purpose I feel like he just wants to be calm this point one side the envelope with a newspaper clipping with a picture of Misty with the words look to be alive written on across her forehead as well as a picture of Tonya that's not a typo he actually wrote luck to be alive I'm assuming he meant lucky I could say so much about the sky right now included in the envelope with a long letter confessing to the rape and murder of Tonya Smith any assault on Missy Cockrell as well as three other assaults on women in Abbotsford oh so it began here's the water hello it's me who is me where the outside attachment be a big help I can't because I'm ready OK yes sirree Tonya's right nipple sure did taste good buy the way Tony was wearing sandals that night and I threw them with her other stuff the letter goes on to describe the attack and detail as well as other conquest and ended in another time tie-dyes the small ask you here for me till next time good luck! I do have a question where there are three other women yes OK never mind I was gonna say he's just making himself look into it all right so this point where does got now that Tonya had a bite mark on her body but not the location university still no the letters genuine in the fingerprint found was the killer so they have the score of the conquests in the letter recalled three assaults in chilling detail when was a 12 year old girl that he had groped but me and Ed Sheeran managed to get away with a second victim was attacked from behind and struck in the head knocking her out the third victim was found unconscious near the hospital with a life-threatening injury her backpack with $200 was found on the rooftop of a nearby building all information containing the letter now inside the envelope containing new note including the clippings from the Vancouver Sun on the unsolved murders of three women Vancouver prostitute Linda to try calling Insook a Burnaby who was attacked after getting off the bus and Kim Stålberg who is killed at her fathers Richmond office but she was arranging a surprise wedding anniversary for the parents I know all three women were stabbed to death in 1989 cell year I graduated high school I mean his kids were preschoolers and we needed OK so the two girls having a 95 OK so now with mounting information including DNA found on Tonyas body voice recordings fingerprints and descriptions from witnesses police released more info to the public including some more of the voice recordings of the phone calls Donald driver heard the voice recordings and called the police to tell them that they sounded a lot like his brother Terry isn't that nuts Donald's mother Audrey also called the police and stated that all of her other children have listen to the recordings and they all believed that it was the voice of her son Mary driver oh for sure so they remembered that Harry had told his sister that he had gone to Tonya's funeral and then about two weeks after that in an argument with his brother Terry had said don't fuck with me you don't know me anymore and you don't know what I'm capable of doing anymore so right away his family was like what the fuck Terry was arrested shortly after when police were able and matches fingerprints to the one found on the tape used on the wrench thrown through the window they had a mountain of evidence against him so Terry was 31 years old at the time a married father of two a one time Boy Scout leader and son of a decorated former Vancouver police sergeant Terry was one of those avid scanner chasers he would listen to the police scanner and go to the scene of whatever interested him and watch the police go without doing their job and he probably grew up with women he was obsessed with it he would make his then listen to the response on the scanner often loading his children in his car and go into the scene because no one would suspect the father with two kids in the car being the murderer Terry's defense decided to explain his a


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