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How To Unlock A Locked Iphone 5 Without Sim Card

There are times when users need to switch carriers due to various reasons such as: going abroad, living in the area with poor receptions, want to change to cheaper providers, etc. Having a locked iPhone won't make it easier for you to switch carrier. Fortunately, there's an easy way to unlock your iPhone, even without the SIM card.

How to unlock a locked iphone 5 without sim card

One important and necessary step in the unlocking your iPhone step is to insert the non-accepted SIM card into your iPhone before connecting it to the internet (either via Wifi or iTunes on an internet-connected computer). But what if you don't have the SIM card? You still can unlock the iPhone, but there are several extra steps that you need to do.

6. Wait for the process to complete and don't disconnect the iPhone until everything is finished. Depending on how big the size of your backup, the restoring process could take a couple of hours to complete.Congratulations! Your iPhone is unlocked and ready to use.

iPhones are designed in a way that when you try to restart the device or remove the SIM card, the SIM card gets locked automatically. The locked SIM card prevents the phone from connecting to a different carrier's network. This happens when the device is asked to verify your SIM card, and if it doesn't find one on your phone, it will lock itself.

That's why most people first think that unlocking an iPhone without SIM card is impossible, but in reality, you can do it. So, you might be wondering how you can achieve that. Follow the post to know how to unlock iPhone without a SIM card.

When your iPhone is attached to a carrier, and you want to change another carrier to use a different network, you need to unlock the SIM lock on the device first. Continue reading to know how to unlock iPhone without using a SIM card in detail.

The easiest way to unlock your locked iOS device without SIM card is to use your friend's SIM card. If you can get your friend's SIM card, you can activate your iPhone quickly. But you must find someone who uses the SIM card of the same carrier as yours.

Another good technique for unlocking an iPhone without SIM card is using iTunes. If you can't find the SIM card from the same carrier or your friend isn't willing to lend you their SIM card, you can resort to using this method. You may activate the iPhone by setting the network and country, which will remove the carrier lock.

Step 3: If it's locked, please click the iPhone icon on iTunes, and go to Summary > Restore. Then tap the Restore icon again to confirm your operation. Once done, insert another SIM card into your iPhone and finish the setup, and check if you can surf the Internet.

When you reset your iPhone into factory settings and reboot it, you must set it up again. And once it gets connected to the Wi-Fi network, you'll see a pop-up saying "SIM card needed" or "There's No SIM card installed." If you're using new iPhone devices with iOS 14 or later, it's easier to ignore the pop-up, and the setup process will be complete without installing the SIM card.

If you have an iPhone that is locked to the carrier but doesn't want to perform any of the above methods, then you can try this other method. You need an R-SIM/X-SIM, a very small, thin chip with a length of 0.2mm. The chip is inserted into an iPhone together with the SIM card. This chip is designed in such a way that an iPhone can believe it is working with a SIM card, even if it's locked.

It is a miniature electronic chip that can read and write data onto the SIM card, making it possible to use your iPhone as if it is unlocked. This device works on almost all iPhones, making it easier to unlock iPhone without the help of a SIM card. R-SIM bypasses network lock enabling you to use any network you want. So, when you insert an R-SIM into your iPhone, you can unlock it without a SIM card. Here is how to do that:

If you want an easier, quicker and smarter way of unlocking an iPhone, you should definitely use Dr.Fone Screen Unlock (iOS). It is the best program for you if you're looking for a tool that can unlock an iPhone without using a SIM card. The program can unlock any type of lock screen set on an iPhone. If an iPhone is locked to a carrier or a network, you can easily unlock it. The program is capable of doing that because it bypasses the carrier lock.

We've shared a few methods you can use to unlock an iPhone without a SIM card. Hopefully, you can now unlock your device without any issues. But, if you want the best way to unlock iPhone, iOS Screen Unlock is here for you. This tool is effective and convenient; it will save you time and effort.

It is a cost-effective choice to purchase a second hand iPhone. It can let you have a good device at a low price. But before you buy it, you need to make sure that the old iPhone is unlocked. So how do you know if the device is unlocked or not? In this guide, we will share with you how to check if an iPhone is unlocked without a SIM card and tell you how to solve it if iPhone is locked?

By default, if you buy an iPhone from Apple Store at full cost, it is unlocked usually. However, if you purchase it from a network, the carrier may lock your iPhone so that you can only use the carrier's SIM card for the duration of the contract(24 months is common). Of course, when the owner finished the contract, the iPhone will be unlocked.

iMyFone iBypasser is a professional iCloud activation lock bypass tool that supports to bypass iPhone activation lock without SIM card, previous owner's Apple ID or passwords. With this powerful software, no matter you forgot the originally used Apple ID and passwords used on your own device, or unluckily got a second-hand iPhone with activation lock, you can enter and use the iPhone in no time.

Go through what has been discussed above, different solutions are given to bypass iPhone activation and activate iPhone. Some methods are popular on the Internet but have not been proved to be effective. If you are in urgent necessity for a tool that can truely bypass iPhone activation lock without SIM card, you should never miss iBypasser iCloud activation lock bypass software. Free download the trial and try it now!

However, if you don't have service, or if your iPhone doesn't have a SIM card, you won't be able to see this detail. However, even without a SIM card or network connection, you can easily find the carrier information associated with your iPhone in the "General" section of your Settings app.

If your phone was purchased on a post-paid account on one of the top four carriers in the U.S., you need to go through that carrier to have the phone unlocked. Each carrier has its own process and criteria to release the phone.

Although Sprint is now T-Mobile, the unlocking policy for its older model iPhones is nearly unchanged. Sprint will automatically unlock a device once the conditions are met as long as they are SIM unlock capable. Unfortunately, devices manufactured before 2015 cannot be unlocked for domestic use (you can take it overseas after contacting customer support). The company will provide an MSL code for those devices, but iPhones do not use MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) codes, so it is pointless.

Some older model iPhones were not cross-carrier compatible. For example, the AT&T iPhone X was not compatible with the Verizon network. So, even if you have an unlocked iPhone, ensure that the carrier you want to activate it on is compatible with the model number you have.

I have a iPhone 6 and it says disable iPhone connect to iTunes .my screen crack and it disable it by itself . I know my passcode to the phone and have fingerprint . Is there a way I can get the phone unlock without deleting anything or resting it .

my iphone 6S is unfortunately disables & connect to iTunes even locked sim showing.could you please help me out from this problem? this is brought my friend from USA and when he purchase it was unlock iphone he purchase.

Iphone 11 pro got locked by itself, i guess is a pretty common problem but apple does not want to be responsible or accept the problem. I lost 3 weeks in pictures and videos of family vacation in Peru. actually I bought the iPhone just for this trip. And as soon as we came bak from vacations the iphone is asking for a passcode, i was using the phone when this happened, it rebut itself and then it asked for a passcode, i never used a passcode so i try some passcodes anyways and the phone is disabled now.I asked apple for help and the obly solution is erase the phone. Apple wont help at all. What a shame. Apple should help in these situations i would pay anything to get those videos back.

my iphone LCD broke so when i fix it it says its disablei did not sync my iphone to any device so now how can i unlock it?there is no apple store in my place so please just help me as soon as you can

Please the itune is telling me that it cannot connect with my iphone because it is locked with a passcode. that i must enter my passcode before the iphone can be used on itune. I dont know my passcode any more so i want to restore factory setting but itune is not giving me the required pan to do that. Please what else can i do because i have followed the steps to restore but itune turned it down

Yes, wait until the iPhone is Disabled time runs out and you can unlock it with your passcode without losing anything at all. 5 minutes, a few hours, etc, it will tell you on the screen how long the iPhone is disabled for. The iTunes method makes it faster. Take it to an Apple Store too they can help.

sir i have iphone 5s but in disable mood and i don,t have a email id passward thats why i don,t want to connect itunes or restore or uplade because if i try to do this so i khow my iphone icloud locked sooo plxxx guide me what to do

UnlockBoot is an online service that allows users to easily unlock their iOS devices without installing any software on their computers. It is highly effective with a high success rate and glowing reviews from users. The steps to remove the activation lock with UnlockBoot are simple. You need to provide the IMEI number and place the order. The price varies depending on the model and the brand. It provides some free services as well to check your carrier, FMI, blacklisted status, etc. 350c69d7ab


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